Powerpuff Girls Reboot Debuts Monday, January 20

January 14, 2014

After nearly a decade off the air The Powerpuff Girls are making their return to the small screen Monday, January 20 on Cartoon Network. One of the network's most popular series, The Powerpuff Girls defied gender stereotypes by putting girls in the hero spotlight.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, three little girls that dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil. The animated series debuted in 1998 and concluded it's six season run in 2004. In honor of The Powerpuff Girls 10th Anniversary a special episode premiered in 2009. Almost 5 years later to the day aka the cartoon's 15th Anniversary (oh dear lord how old am I?!) The Powerpuff Girls return with a CGI makeover.

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As an avid fan of the PPG back in the day I can honestly say that I'm loving their new look. It's not weird that I'm gonna watch the special right? Right?! Personally my favorite was Buttercup but that's only because I was a tomboy myself.

The special episode entitled "Dance Pantsed" will feature the original voice cast of all your beloved Townsville characters including special guest star Beatles icon Ringo Starr as Fibonacci Sequins, the town's most famous flamboyant mathematician. The episode will also include an original song performed by Starr called, "I Wish I Was A Powerpuff Girl". A marathon of ten of the series' classic episodes will kick off the five hour countdown to the special episode premiering at 7:30 ET/PT.

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Ashley Khawsy

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  1. Woah I don't really love the new look. Not sure why it was needed but maybe they are aging it up?

  2. How can you like that new look?! It's AWEFUL!!! It looks like somebody crumpled up a piece of paper and drew on it. I liked them better before, when they were the real PowerPuff girls. Not these stupid fake ones!