The Big Bang Theory: The Convention Conundrum

February 2, 2014

Can we just talk about how The Big Bang Theory recently portrayed the stress of buying Comic-Con tickets—and how perfect their rendition was?

What would-be Comic-Con goer hasn’t sat in front of his or her computer, clicking the refresh button on their browser 1000+ times only to find themselves as the 20,000th person waiting in line? With over 130,000 attendees in San Diego every year, I’m pretty sure a good portion of the Big Bang Theory’s fan club can personally relate to the hell that is Comic-Con tickets.

Luckily, I have not had much trouble buying tickets since I first started going to the con, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sit in fear every time those badges go on sale. This year, Comic-Con is also going to be eliminating the 4-day badge option, which means y’all better be real fast in selecting what days you want to go if you’re planning on staying for the whole weekend.

To be honest, watching that episode did strike a little terror in my eyes. My paranoia led me to believe that badges had already gone on sale and I missed my chance! However I shot back to reality after remembering that a ticket sale announcement had not yet been made. (Don’t worry—I double-checked my email… I think.) The guys in the Big Bang Theory may not have been able to get their tickets this year, but I sure as hell am willing to give that up if I can spend a weekend with the great James Earl Jones.

You can still catch the episode on for a limited time!

Hilda Tam

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