Popin Cookin: Sushi Review

April 20, 2014

While trying to navigate through the Comic-Con Hotel madness, I decided to make myself a snack. A sushi snack to be exact!

I don’t know if I consider sushi a snack, but with Popin Cookin, anything is possible! Popin Cookin, as some of you may know, is a Japanese candy brand that makes candy meals out of magic.

Okay, it’s not really magic… It’s actually a DIY candy making kit that creates very realistic, miniature foods out of gummy candy. The Japanese must have some kind of sorcery up their sleeves if they can create gummies out of powder and water. In addition to making sushi, Popin Cookin offers a variety of other food items you can make out of candy, including ramen, donuts, bento boxes, waffles, and more! I got my sushi box at Mitsuwa, but they can usually be found at any Japanese market or online stores like Ebay or Amazon.

To make the sushi, you've just got to follow a few simple directions... in Japanese. There are no english instructions listed on the box so you can either try to follow the pictures, or watch someone that has already done it. Although I can read some of the instructions with my limited 3 years of studying Japanese, I chose to do the latter. I recommend watching RRcherrypie on YouTube because they are my #1 experts on Japanese candy-making. 

And presto-change-o! You're now in the candy-making business! Side note: All the ingredients are grape flavored, so if you don't like grape, eating it won't be as fun.

We want to know which box you'll be picking up!

Hilda Tam

Chixelate author.

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