Let's Talk About Hemlock Grove Season 2

On Friday, July 11, Netflix released season two of their original series, Hemlock Grove. It's definitely a lot darker than any of their other original series, chockful of supernatural creators, murder, and some crazy story lines. This is your official spoiler warning...

First and foremost, I can't tell you how happy I was to see that Famke Janssen dropped that awful accent from season one. Sure, the reasoning was a bit out there, but it was so much easier to focus on the storylines without the distraction of a weird accent.

Anywho, the season two premiere starts off a few months after last years finale. The opening scene is pretty dark, with a mystery masked man breaking into a family home, creating a gas leak and subsequent explosion, murdering the unsuspecting family inside. Cut to Peter Rumancek and his mother, they've been traveling all over the country and are at a funeral for one of their gypsy brethren when cops show up and end up arresting Linda Rumancek, where she'll be held in Hemlock Grove for her crimes. Obviously, this is how we get Peter back to the ol' HG. But in order to get the best lawyer possible for his mother, Peter runs a con that not only costs him his safety, but also his sanity.

Consistently turning on the wrong moon starts to affect Peter physically and mentally as he begins turning into a vargulf, aka an insane werewolf. Side note: the visual effects of Peter's wolf transformation is actually much better this season. If you were a fan of season one, you'll remember that Christina, the teenager who was murdering other young girls, was a vargulf. Her undead werewolf actually makes an appearance as it hunts down Shelley, but yet again she pwns the crazy wolf.

We see Roman is still controlling The White Tower and has taken over the Godfrey Institute in the wake of his mother's "death". Still as arrogant as ever, the young upir has a thirst that's started to take over. The hunger, as his mother calls it, is driving him mad and as much as he wants to feed, he can't help but feel guilty and disgusted over what he is, leading him to find alternative ways to survive. Paying an old man to play host to a group of leeches, killing transients that no one will miss, hiring prostitutes, you name it.

New this season is Miranda (who you might recognize from Orange Is The New Black), a passerby who happens to get into an accident in Hemlock Grove, pretty much outside Roman's doorstep. She ends up in a love triangle with the two main characters as she finds herself smack dab in the middle of something dark and strange. Oh, did we mention the baby?

The magical baby Nadia, aka the daughter of Roman and his half-sister/cousin Letha, is part of the central plot with religious extremists and apparently flying demonoids after her due to her special abilities. She also has almost a mother/child relationship with newcomer Miranda as she somehow has the ability to lactate and nurse the special child.

In regards to other new characters we have Prycilla, a human created from the umbilical cord of Letha's child, Nadia. The girl bears a strong resemblance to the deceased Letha and is considered to be Dr. Pryce's most outstanding achievement. After Shelley is found alive, Dr. Pryce makes the ultimate sacrifice for his favorite niece, he offers her Prycilla as a new chance at life. The transfer and download of Shelley's consciousness is a success, meaning Shelly's broken body can be abandoned in the woods, allowing Shelley to begin her new life, however Olivia Godfrey, who's been suffering through human aging and ailments (presumably due in part to the medical waste Dr. Pryce has been feeding her) , "eats the unicorn" to save herself. Lucky, or perhaps unluckily for Shelley, Norman Godfrey reanimates her old body once again, much to her dismay. Shelley completely loses it when she finds her new body completely mangled by her mother.

Peter and Roman begin sharing premonitions in their sleep but need one another to complete the puzzle. At first the two are still at odds with Roman being unforgiving after Peter abandoned him, but eventually the two find a friendship again as they try to solve the mystery behind the mysterious murders of innocent children. Eventually Miranda has a similar dream and we find out that the goofy doctor who Miranda sees for her strange new ability to lactate give her some sort of serum that feeds some weirdness to baby Nadia, which in turn is causing all the dark dreams. The Doctor has been looking for her for a while based on her "special DNA" which isn't divulged into any further, but it turns out he's the one who ran her off the road and concocted this whole thing in the first place to get her closer to that baby.

After learning that she's to partially blame for the mess all the characters are in, even though she was unaware, Miranda runs off with Nadia to the roof of The White Tower. The gang catches up with her but her guilt is so overwhelming that she jumps to her death with Nadia still in her arms. But WAIT. Out of NOWHERE comes this scary ass bat looking thing (oh hell's bells it's the Doctor!) that catches them both and carries them god knows where.

So was the doctor a dragon, pterodactyl, or a flying manta ray that kept his human face. Was anyone else beyond freaked out that he still had that face? The scales under his skin after he got attacked, okay that was cool, but a giant humanoid bat that we have to assume escaped from the host? No. I can't. What sucks is that the storyline was actually significantly better and much easier to follow than season one, but this finale left me less than satisfied, particularly with that weird monster. Yes, it's a supernatural show but seriously Netflix, what the hell was that?

Also, I have to say I felt the whole Linda Rumancek storyline was a little too forced. Yes, it got Peter back to Hemlock Grove but a jailbreak during a prisoner transfer and safe passage back to Romania definitely could have been done away with. Same with the Redneck boss who apparently was the head honcho in a drug ring who decides to punish his failed lackeys with a good old fashioned castration, farm style of course. After Peter got the money from those goons that storyline should have been wrapped up. PS, where the hell did Andreas get a gun, is he some sort of gypsy assassin for hire?! So many questions.

No word on when season three will drop but we're anticipating next summer, assuming the series is renewed.

Ashley Khawsy

Chixelate author.


  1. I just wanted to clarify the bay monster, I haven't read a review that has put it together yet.
    1. The scene where the family Dr tells Olivia come on we're family (something like that), caught my attention. It also makes sense why he was allowed to be Roman's Dr growing up considering his condition.
    2. In Season 1 Olivia cut off her tail as a child. After researching folklore, this supposedly caused her to turn Umpyr. BUT!!!
    3. Stingray Dr Monster has same tail. He must be what her people turn into.
    4. It also explains why in the 1889/Iron mask scene the Order's Chancellor at the time noted that Olivia wasnt as unruly as her kind usually is. She cut off her tail, most likely stopping the rest of the change from ever occurring.

    Haven't read the books so not 100% sure, but it fits. :)

  2. you really did not get that?

    try watching it sober.

    you really couldn't follow season one?try paying attention ... while watching sober.