Review: Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

July 6, 2014

Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction looks to be the new and biggest hit of summer 2014. In American theaters, it rose to No. 1 during opening weekend and raked in a whopping $300 million dollars worldwide. Sure, there’s cool robots and stuff, but is the hype really worth it?

Short answer is… NO.

I find it pretty funny that I paid full price to watch it on opening day since I don’t even pay full price to watch movies that I'll actually enjoy. To save you the same mistake I did, let me give you the run down.

The movie begins in the cretaceous period where dinosaurs are zapped by an alien spaceship, which we discover is the cause of the dinosaurs’ ultimate extinction. We are then introduced to the lives of Cade Yeager (Wahlberg), a struggling inventor, and his teenage daughter, Tessa (Peltz). If you’re wondering why Nicola Peltz might so look familiar, you can find her in an even worse movie, The Last Airbender, as the water bender, Katara. Transformers moves pretty quickly through the family’s seemingly sad lives, which includes our discovery of Cade as a teenage dad when Tessa was born, the death of her mother, and Cade’s childish inability to find steady income, causing their house to be repossessed and sending Tessa’s chances of going to college straight to hell. Meanwhile, Michael Bay has no problems distracting our lack of emotion for this family by dressing Peltz in tiny shorts and giving the audience something to ogle at.

In an attempt to make some kind of money, Cade goes to an abandoned movie theater and takes home an apparently harmless old truck for parts, except that the truck is of course, Optimus Prime. Despite extensive damage received from the previous Chicago Invasion four years ago, Cade is somehow able to repair the alien robot without a hitch. Just as soon as everything seems peachy keen, a group of Autobot-hunting CIA agents invade Cade’s land and threatens to kill Tessa if he does not give up the whereabouts of Optimus Prime.

Optimus, Cade, Tessa, and her boyfriend (Jack Reynor) are forced to go into hiding, making sure to break into the Decepticon-creating facility and discover the secret identity behind their enemy, Galvatron. They also make some quick leaps to Chicago, Hong Kong, and China—all within a span of 15 minutes—but most likely inserted into the movie to appeal to their large fan base in Asia.

The next few hours are just a blur. I honestly thought the movie could’ve been over in less than 2 hours, but somehow I survived the 3 hours it took to get through cheesy one-liners, a slew of fighting Auto-bots and meaningless explosions. I thought about getting up from my seat to take a break from the metal-grinding ruckus, but I fell asleep instead. Come on, who falls asleep during a movie?? The combination of bad writing and excessive flares of CGI were not enough to keep me interested.

Sorry, Transformers. It's a thumbs down from me.

Hilda Tam

Chixelate author.


  1. Great review! I was thinking about watching this on Redbox but not anymore. Sometimes I buy into the blockbuster hype but not this time. I'll probably still end up watching that new Ninja Turtles movie though haha.

    1. Hey if you're into endless amounts of CGI robots fighting each other, then this is a great movie! Maybe put it on in the background lol.