San Diego Comic Con 2014: Ashley's Adventure

Another Comic Con has come and gone and I'm already experiencing some post Comic Con sadness. Sure, the entire experience definitely is not a vacation but depending on how you spend your con, you can have some pretty incredible adventures.

Hilda and I (along with our Comic Con caravan group) decided to drive down to San Diego Wednesday morning so we'd have a day to relax before the madness ensued. It's the one day we get to sit down to grab a meal and take a dip in the pool to wash off that gross SD humidity. Oh, and it's basically the only day we get to sleep. We didn't have preview night tickets so we all just hung out at our hotel talking about the new Sailor Moon Crystal series over some bowls of instant noodles. Living the nerd dream.

Thursday-Sunday were our intense Comic Con days. Thursday is the first day the floor is open (besides to preview night ticket holders) so it's always a pretty packed day to explore the booths. Because I knew I was going to be in panels and what not all weekend it was the only day I cosplayed as Tina from Bob's Burgers:

"Don't have a crap attack!"
The floor was pretty awesome this year. The network booths always have signings throughout the weekend which gives you the chance to see your favorite stars in person, just don't try to take a photo because security will worm their way into your photo.

This year was super crazy for panels, probably the most intense I've seen in my three years at Comic Con. With the addition of the Hall H wristbands we saw a huge influx of attendees waiting in line and camping out even earlier than ever before. Case in point, the line for Saturday's panels (the big Hall H day) started at 2:30PM on FRIDAY. Seriously, people stayed in that line for way longer than they should have and made the convention center and marina look like a super nerdy skidrow. Co-founder Hilda got in line around 7PM and made it in with the Group C wristbands but from what I heard on Twitter, there were over 10,000 people in line for the Saturday panels and anyone who got in line after 11PM on Friday didn't make it in. Yes, we know that lining up has gotten earlier and earlier, I woke up at 3AM twice this trip to be in line for panels by 4AM, but if that isn't early enough to get you in I say it's just not worth it. You don't want to waste the precious time you have at Comic Con sitting in line. You should be exploring the floor, checking out lounges and experiences in the Gaslamp, EATING, etc.

I didn't see Hilda for over 24 hours! I was actually supposed to camp out with her for those panels but I decided to pass to get some sleep and checkout Ballroom 20 instead. I woke up Saturday morning at 3:30AM to get to the shuttle for Ballroom 20 and decided sleep was the most necessary, so I gave up my Saturday panels in order to check out more of the floor and to explore downtown. I am so glad I did that because I actually had an incredible time and got to meet a lot of people I love that I wouldn't have had the chance to see if I had been stuck in panels all day. This was new since the last two years I was all about the panels but I really enjoyed having time to check out all these other things so I'll probably keep doing this for Cons to come, plus, those panels will be on YouTube the week after, trust me.

Highlights from Comic Con:

Geek and Sundry Lounge in the Gaslamp. Unfortunately I didn't get to see fellow nerd girl Felicia Day, but I did get to check out the awesome lounge her company hosted. I'm gonna be honest, I made the trek all the way over there just to check out Espionage Cosmetics because they have some kick ass nail wraps that I've been dying to get my hands on. I remember when they originally had their Kickstarter campaign and thinking these are the nail wraps girl geeks have been waiting for. I use nail wraps all the time but the designs aren't always great, I mostly use them because they're way easier to put on than doing my own nails and it's much cheaper than getting a manicure every other week because they last so long. I was SO happy to find the booth and talk to the lovely Espionage Cosmetics staff about beauty, geek stuff, and of course, cats! I may or may not have splurged on 12 sets of wraps. What, they were buy 5 get 1 free! No I don't have a problem, I have a years supply of amazing wraps. Wait no, that's a lie, I stopped by their booth again Sunday and picked up 6 more sets. Shhhhhhh.

Meeting my favorite author in the world. Author of Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Rant, and other incredible works, the ever amazing, Chuck Palahniuk. If you've ever read any of his books or know how he is, you know that the inflatable banana is just totally him. He handed them out to us in line and told us to blow them up so he could sign them. We also received his brand new book coming out in October called Beautiful You.

Popping by the Boom! Studios booth to pick up some more Adventure Time comics for my little bros and walked into a signing with Jeremy Shada, aka the voice of Finn! He was super sweet and personalized a copy of the Banana Guard Adventure Time comics for my little brothers. They seriously freaked out when I brought this home for them. 

My friend @ChristineLive and I waited in line for the Supernatural panel (because we're obsessed and you can catch us livetweeting it every Tuesday when it's back for season 10) and around 7AM Misha Collins did his usual run around the marina and Hall H line for fans to snap photos. But this year he went above and beyond and handed out free coffee to those of us in line with the Random Acts of Kindess group and one creeper in a costume. 

Christine and I were joking around saying that we bet it was Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) from Supernatural since he was the only one in costume helping and because he was about the right build. This masked figure handed Christine her coffee and she swore if we found out later it was him that she was going to freak out.

*Cue the fangirl freakout* This is exactly how the conversation went before and after we found out that the masked man was Osric Chau:

(outside in line waiting for coffee)
Me: Christine, I bet that's Osric Chau.
Christine: If it is, Osric Chau just handed me coffee.
(inside Hall H after the reveal)

The Funko Booth this year at Comic Con was an absolute nightmare. Several of us on the floor saw the Comic Con staff fighting with the Funko staff about how to run the line. They had several SDCC exclusives which made for some long lines on the floor but things were just out of control. It even led to the Funko staff randomly handing out tickets to people on the floor so they could get in line to get into the Funko booth to purchase some of their exclusives. The whole thing was a giant mess. I ended up going up to the booth cashier letting him know I didn't need to get into the booth and that I literally only needed one figure that was currently on the shelf and asked if I could just pay him for it and move on. Lucky for me, he was just over the booth craziness as much as I was and let me buy my Hannibal figurine:

Isn't he adorably scary? I love him, but I'm pretty sure this is one Pop! figure I can't bring to work to have on my desk. 

Overall, I had some amazing experiences at Comic Con 2014. I made some new friends, experienced some new things, explored new Comic Con events, and learned that panels aren't everything. Oh, and I got to eat more than 3 meals the whole weekend, so that was a plus. Shout out to all our followers on Twitter who tweeted to us and especially to @HallHLine for keeping us up to date on all the Hall H madness!

Ashley Khawsy

Chixelate author.

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