San Diego Comic Con 2014: I came! I conquered! (Hilda's Adventure)

It’s been less than a week since The Con and I’m already feeling withdrawals! Where’s Hall H?? Where are all the cosplayers?? I still need Misha Collins to give me coffee!! If you’re anything like me, you’re still going through the hundreds of pictures you took, hoping to post some of the non-blurry ones to show everyone that yes—you were indeed there. Though #SDCC always comes with some highlights and party poopers, I must say that this year has been a pretty successful Comic-Con for me.

I tried to do all new things this year since I usually spend time camping out for panels and burrowing myself in Hall H and Ballroom 20. As co-founder Ashley mentioned, the lines for panels this time around were RIDONCULOUS (and not in a good way). With the implementation of wristbands, line waiting instantly became a battle of the nerds. It used to be that I could get up at 5:00am and still be able to get a seat in Hall H, but unfortunately even waiting in line at 11:00pm the night before won’t guarantee you a spot. The new wristband idea was intended to inform Comic-Con goers of how many people had already been waiting in line and what your chances were of getting in. Although it did allow people to gauge the amount of time you’d be waiting, it also created a panic among everyone planning to see the panel. I’m not sure if they will be doing this again next year, but I personally don’t think it’s worth spending a day waiting in line just to see a panel that I could find on youtube the next day.

Despite the Hall H frenzy, I still decided to camp out in line to see the almighty movie panels on Saturday, which included Marvel, WB, Legendary Pictures, and DC. I arrived with a few of my friends in the Hall H line at 7pm on a Friday night and was able to beat the thousands of other people who arrived after us. I may not have gotten a lot of sleep that night, but it was totally. WORTH IT.

I ended up forgoing the Supernatural panel the next day because I just couldn’t function with the little sleep I had. However, I’m glad I made that decision because I was able to do so many other things that I had never experienced before! Here are some of my pride and joy moments:


Godzilla did a huge promotion this year on the green next to the convention center. They erected a giant Godzilla made of stones(?) and had a cool photo booth too! I freaking love photo booths, man! Look at us running away from the city!

We conquered the Adventure Time quest three years in a row! Cartoon Network decided to reward those who defeated the ConQuest all three years by featuring their pictures on the Adventure Time Facebook. We also got a special background ;)

As a continuation of my interactive adventures, I also got to experience Oculus Rift, which is a virtual reality headset for 3D gaming. I felt like there were a lot of opportunities this year for people to test it out. I originally wanted to go to the Game of Thrones Experience (in which I hear you actually get to climb The Wall), but I opted for Sleepy Hollow because the line was shorter. If you've never tried Oculus Rift, it's a headset that allows you to play a game as if you were there. As you turn your head, the image also turns in that direction and allows you to have a 3D view of your surroundings. Spoiler alert: the Sleepy Hollow Experience has the headless horseman come and chop your head off!

I found my artist again! Scott C is an artist that I started following on Tumblr because of his Great Showdown Series. I absolutely love his work and own a good amount of his books. It's been a tradition of mine to track him down and add another one of his works to my collection. I also get to have him sign it too! Radical!

Probably one of my proudest moments is winning a mini Super Smash Bros tournament at the Nintendo Booth! The game is set to launch for WiiU and 3DS on Oct 3, 2014. Nintendo promoted new games by giving attendees a chance to test them out. They had multiple game stations at their booth and if you win a multiplayer game of Smash Bros, you get a voucher for a free shirt!


On the very last day, my sister and I decided to check out the Simpsons fair next to the convention center. It was an entire field dedicated to promoting the Simpsons marathon on Aug 21, 2014. If you have cable television, tune into the FXX channel and brace yourselves for #EverySimpsonsEver! They will be broadcasting every Simpsons episode ever made for a full 24 hours a day until they get to the end. I think I heard it would take a total of 10 days to get through them all.

And finally, I have to give a shout out to Ashley's amazzzinnggg Hall H inspired macarons! The 'H' really stands for heavenly...

I can't wait to go back next year! I will also be doing a different post for all the swag I got at Comic-Con! Whoo!

By the way, the secret cosplay that I was working on was... DUN DUN DUN... Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony! This is her Gala outfit :)

XOXO Hilda

Hilda Tam

Chixelate author.


  1. Great post and great pics! The whole wristbands ordeal seemed like a giant headache. I read that people think using the idea of Disneyland FastPasses would work, but I can see how there could also be long lines to get a FastPass. Do you think there is a solution to the lines? I like and agree with your conclusion about how it's not worth it, especially since everything ends up on YouTube anyways. I also appreciate your declaration of love for photo booths haha.

    1. Haha glad you liked it! I honestly don't know what kind of solution they can really have for the lines. It's hard to manage so many people, but I'm sure they will be trying new methods in the future.