Review: Manga Mascara

August 18, 2014

Since the start of Sailor Moon Crystal, I've really been getting back into my anime craze! I used to LOVE anime--pretty much that was the only thing I would watch. I've kind of grown out of it over the years, but every now and then I think back to the days of Inuyasha, Dragonball Z, Tenchi Muyo, just to name a few. Those were the good ol' days...

So when I heard a new mascara had been released and it was called Manga Mascara, I knew I had to try it!
It combines two things that I friggin' love: anime and make-up! What more could a girl ask for?

First of all, the packaging is pretty darn cute. I love how L'oreal advertises this as manga/anime eyes, meaning if you used this mascara, you could have eyes as big as Sailor Moon's! Is it true though? Let's find out...

The wand is bristle brush rather than a plastic applicator. It tapers to a point, which is really helpful in getting the product into the corners of your eyes or using the tip for your bottom lashes. What's most unique about it is the fact that the brush is attached to a flexible wand. It can literally bounce back and forth as you're applying it, which is supposed to aid in creating those anime eyes. I personally think it's more gimmicky than anything else, however I must say that I do like the formula of this mascara.

Here are some images of my first impression.

My naked lashes before applying mascara (along with a naked face).

My lashes after one coat of Manga Mascara.

My lashes after two coats of Manga Mascara.

As you can see, it does make a difference for my teeny tiny lashes. I've already been using this mascara for over a week and I am diggin' it. It lengthens more than it provides volume, but the formula is still very buildable. I also find it to be pretty long wearing, yet easy to take off with a simple makeup remover. Overall, it is a thumbs up for me :)

You can purchase this at any local convenient or drug store. I bought mine at Target and it retails for about $5 to $6.

Are you ready to get some manga eyes?

Hilda Tam

Chixelate author.

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