TV's Mid-Season Finales

January 12, 2015

Chixelate has had a bit of a hiatus (cough life got in the way uncough) but the geeking never stops. My co-founder and I are proud to announce, of course, that we will once again be headed to the depths of Comic-Con! We'll be live blogging and tweeting at the con so make sure you tune in come July 2015!

Television has had some pretty intense seasons so far, but I was personally most excited about this year's Arrow and The Flash mid-season finales--both CW shows with surprisingly great cliffhangers. I do love my CW shows (Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, etc.) but there are times that I watch with a grain of salt due to the exorbitant amount of teen-vibe.

So, the Flash. The Man in the Yellow Suit. Crazy!
I don't know much about the history of the Flash, so I couldn't tell you who the man in the yellow suit was unless I wanted to dig into some research. From the pilot until now, we've been following Barry on his journey to finding out his potential as the Flash and what he can do with his super speed. So far, he seemed pretty unstoppable! I don't even believe that the Arrow had any chance of beating him physically, but it was only Barry's lack of focus that allowed the Arrow to put up a fight. With this mid-season episode, we now know that Barry is not the only man capable of super speed and that this new villain is possibly the yellow blur who killed his mother. It's crazy to know that there is actually someone capable of defeating the Flash. Though Barry is not all-powerful, he packs a pretty good punch. He can outrun (almost) anything and heals so quickly he's practically immortal! I don't know about you, but I'm super excited to see more of this yellow-suited man. I think Barry needs some more challenges in life rather than pining over the love of his life, Iris.

Let's talk Arrow!
Have I mentioned that I am totally into the new Thea? I always liked Thea from the beginning, but I LOVE this new kick-ass Thea! We finally find out who Sara's killer is and it turns out to be Oliver's little sister! It's a shame that they're using her as leverage against Oliver, but it makes for a great story doesn't it? Malcolm Merlin admits to Oliver that he used Thea in order to force a fight between him and Ra's al Ghul. I think we all knew that Oliver was clearly outmatched. 5 years of being stranded on an island vs centuries of experience--there's no competition. And then bam! Ra's al Ghul stabs Oliver with his sword and pushes him over a cliff! What a "cliffhanger"! (See what I did there?) Obviously, Oliver is still alive. Otherwise they'd have to change the name of the show to "The Arrow's Groupies." Although, how cool would it be if Felicity and Diggle got their own show? Something to think about...

Both shows will be back on air in less than two weeks.

Can't wait!



Hilda Tam

Chixelate author.


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  2. I've heard so many good things about The Flash and Arrow, and now after hearing you watch them I definitely need to check them out! I'm currently catching up on Agents of SHIELD and trying to stay consistent with Agent Carter haha so there's a lot to watch.

    1. I just watched the first episode of Agent Carter and have not watched any episodes Agents of SHIELD at all! You're right, so many things to watch... so little time. Let me know what you think of The Flash and Arrow!

  3. I would love a corresponding web series about the Arrow groupies but lord help me, I cannot STAND Laurel. So over her. God she's boring and annoying.

    1. Yes, an Arrow Groupies web series! And you're right, I sometimes can't stand Laurel either AGH.