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If you, like myself, have been feeling a bit of a tv drought this summer – rest assured, I may have found a solution. ABC Family's new crime drama Stitchers premiered this past month to a less than flattering reception but I'm here to make my case.

Starting with the plot, the show follows a computer science major, Kristen, who is recruited by a top secret division of the CIA due to her unique condition called temporal dysplasia. While it hasn't been completely explained yet, this condition prohibits Kristen's perception of time (but doesn't explain her lack of emotional attachment to anyone or anything in her life). Due to her condition, Kristen becomes the perfect candidate to be “stitched” into dead people's consciousness in an effort to figure how they died. Although a bit confusing at times, the show is fairly consistent and certainly entertaining enough to keep viewers tuned in from week to week.

Next up, the characters. While the show revolves around Kristen played by Emma Ishta, it is very much an ensemble cast including Kyle Harris, Allison Scagliotti, Ritesh Rajan and Salli Richardson-Whitfield. All characters have their quirks and humor but I must say, I'm already in love with Cameron (Harris) who's the handsome geek nerdy girls dream about. Seriously – in the pilot he made a Doctor Who reference, a Lord of the Rings reference, a Star Trek reference and a Batman reference. Swoon. Looks aside, while it's still a bit early for predictions, character trajectory seems pretty predictable. However, the show does a nice job of breaking character stereotypes. The nerdy friend that is good with computers and spends his day behind a desk sometimes does get the hot girl. While the main character, Kristen, is certainly no damsel in distress often taking matters into her own hands and showing she can take care of herself.

The main criticism the show has received is that it's nonsensical and unrealistic (according to Rotten Tomato) but I think that those critics are taking the show way too seriously. It's fun, interesting, and worth a shot. If you liked Fringe when it was on air or science fiction in general, this show is recommended.

Catch Stitchers every Tuesday at 9/8c and comment below your thoughts!


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  1. Great review. I just watched the pilot and I agree with your assessment. A suspension of disbelief is required for all sci-fi shows, and this show does a good job of setting up an interesting premise. It's like Tru Calling for the iPhone age (I'm dating myself). The protagonist is a female Sherlock but I think she'll become more likable as time goes on. The ensemble supporting cast fleshes out the NSA, secret agency concept well. Nothing like a dead parent to kick-start an origin story. Kirsten is superhero material for sure. Thanks for keeping your ear to the pop culture ground and reviewing the show. You're an excellent writer.