San Diego Comic Con 2015: Hilda's Adventure!

So I finally got around to uploading pictures from Comic Con after a week of sleep and recovery! Even though I didn't camp out for any panels this year, somehow the effects of the Con are still as strong as ever.

Every time Comic Con comes around, I always tell myself I'm going to do something different, but I think this year takes the cake! At least... until Comic Con 2016.

Our group decided to stay at a hotel in downtown San Diego since we usually aim for some of the farther hotels due to better amenities and $. Farther hotel = cheaper prices. As per ushe, we drove down on Wednesday to pick up our badges and checked out the gaslamp the rest of the evening until Ashley and I had to go to the Game of Bloggers event, which was hosted by the awesome Crazy4ComicCon (Tony Kim)! This was the very first blogger event we went to and, actually, the very first #GameofBloggers event ever! The idea was to provide a space for bloggers to come together and network, chat about ideas, issues, tips--anything that could potentially help you in your blogger journey. Ashley and I went as Chixelate Reps and met some really awesome people!

Check out our fellow bloggers and nerds, James Floyd and Jeff Carlisle!

Thursday was dedicated to the exhibition hall and I spent the whole day checking out booths, grabbing free stuff, and meeting some of my favorite artists! I, of course, had to make a stop at Scott C's booth to get his new "Great Showdowns" book and I also got to meet a new favorite, Brittney Lee! She's AMAZING.

On Friday, I decided to forgo any big panels in Hall H because that was the day of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars. Honestly, there would have been no point in us waiting for Hall H because there were already people waiting in line 2 days earlier! Instead, I checked out the Adult Swim carnival and a panel at the Nerdist where Ashley and I got to take a selfie with NATHAN FILLION. Yeah, I just about died!

Later in the evening we both went to a Sherlock party hosted by the Baker Street Babes, and who did we see when we got there?? Curtis Armstrong AKA Metatron from Supernatural! And yeah, I had to take another selfie. Steven Moffat also made a guest appearance at the Sherlock party and we had a Q & A happening! Nerd. Life. Win.

And if that wasn't enough, my sister and I scored tickets to Nerd HQ's mystery panel, which had.. dun dun dun.. Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights), Retta (Parks & Rec), Colin O'Donoghue (Once Upon a Time), Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time), and Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time). Okay, granted I actually don't watch and haven't seen any of those shows, it was still such a great panel! You can watch it here.

Whew! I think that was everything. The con was amaaazzzzing this year! I'm so glad I went to different parties, met new people, saw small panels, etc. This is what Comic Con should be like every year!

Here's some more highlights:

 Our view of the Star Wars fireworks from the Sherlock party. Everyone who attended the Star Wars panel also got to go to a concert featuring the music from Star Wars.

 Two Doctors and an Amy :) My friends and I also got interviewed by BBC America regarding our Doctor Who fandom! Maybe you'll see us during a commercial break on BBC America!

Sunday morning, Ashley and I woke up early to get in line for the Supernatural panel. Luckily, the Hall H line wasn't bad at all and we were able to get in rather easily! As we were sitting down, Misha Collins does his usual morning run past the fans, except this time he was accompanied by his own special security guards, the stormtroopers.

Adult swim on the green! An awesome offsite event that had free carnival games and free t-shirt screenprinting.

A closer look at the Nerdist panel ;)

At lastly, these really cool Sailor Moon items that look totally useless but I still want!

Overall, this was a very successful trip to the con! And because I didn't camp out this time, I didn't feel overly exhausted or drained. I can't wait for Comic Con 2016 :D


Hilda Tam

Chixelate author.

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